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For sale.  A 500 watt Modulator deck from an old 1000 watt MCW Cargo ships transmitter.

This ship was part of the ghost fleet in California that is now being rendered into scrap

This modulator has a United Transformer Corp. CVM-5.   A 500 watt modulation transformer driving 2 4-250As which in turn modulated 2 4-250As with a 600 hertz tone for 1000 watts  MCW transmission.  This transformer has several taps to match almost any tube impedance.

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As you can see by the schematic, (image seven)The modulator has a 600hrtz oscillator and a buffer which drives 2 4-250As  You can either remove the oscillator section and inject audio there or bypass straight to the buffer and you have a High level modulator for AM transmission

4-250As Tubes filaments show continuity but thats as far as could test them.  The other tubes are2E24s. 

Please use contact information on the web page or e-mail for more information on shipping, pick up, more photos, or questions. Or if you just want to haggle. 

Asking   $1500.00  or best offer


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